Employers need to register with HMRC, when they start employing staff.  Salaries and wages for employees, including statutory, sick or maternity pay, are paid by their employers through payroll.

Payroll is a system of calculating how much employees need to be paid.  Income tax and national insurance (PAYE) are deducted from salaries or wages, and the remainder paid to employees.  Other deductions include pension contributions.  The employer needs to report employees’ payments and deductions to HMRC.  Employees’ income tax and national insurance are usually paid monthly to HMRC.

Employers need to inform HMRC if new employees join or if current employees’ circumstances change.

TABK services:

  • Complete payroll from timesheets
  • Report employees’ payments and deductions, and adhere to HMRC deadlines
  • Pay PAYE on a monthly basis to HMRC, on time, avoiding paying any interest and penalties
  • Keep and maintain employee information securely
  • Produce automated payslips which are speedily sent to employees via computer or home address
  • Pay employees directly
  • Produce P60s for employees at the end of the year
  • Produce P45s when staff stop working
  • Auto Enrolment
  • Advise HMRC on any new starters, leavers or if employees’ circumstances change
  • Use recognised software approved by HMRC and produce PAYE reports in real time (RTI)
  • Ensure your business stays compliant
  • Offer a simple and straightforward service, producing customised reports on information required, so it’s easy to make sense of the data