Self Assessment

A Self Assessment tax return is a document which individuals and businesses have to complete and file with HMRC once a year.  It is important that you keep accurate records of your income and expenditure during the tax year; failure to do so could result in penalties from HMRC. This includes records of property rental, capital gains and tax relief claims.

The tax year runs from 6 April to the 5 April the following year.  The tax return is filed with HMRC the year after, either online or on paper.  There are different deadline dates depending on how it is submitted.

TABK services:

  • Provide personal tax advice (sole traders and partnerships)
  • Keep you compliant with Self Assessment
  • Use recognised software approved by HMRC
  • Submit your paper or online tax return with the correct calculations, ensuring all deadlines are adhered to, avoiding any penalties or charges for delays
  • Keep  all your records safe, after your tax return has been filed with HMRC